Cybersecurity Tips and Trends

Because we want you to stay safe while shopping online using Tattoo-Shirts online shop, check in here for the latest Cybersecurity Tips and Trends by our expert Joao Turbulento.

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September 21, 2020

Everybody knows it and heard about it many times, however, is still the most common security issue that Cybercrimanls explore. I know it's difficult to keep up with all different platforms and correspondent login details, but if you want to lower the risk, don't use the same password on all of them and challenge yourself to change them on a regular basis. Another important thing is not to se a combination of pet names with dates; it's easier then most of us think to brute-force a password with known names and dates. Finally, don't give away your passwords to anyone, not even your best friend or partner.


September 20, 2020

Public internet is still the most used environment for Hackers and Cybercriminals to perform their illegal actions. Until very recently, the padlock showing on top of our browsers would indicate that our connection and session was encrypted and secure. While this is partially still valid on most cases, we should never forget that SSL Certificates are no longer as expensive as 10 years ago and this technology is now used by many Cybercriminals to turn their fake phishing websites into something more credible. To avoid these new scams, use a combination of different security strategies, by checking also the URL. If the URL or path to the actual website is too long, with included strange sub-domains, then this website should not be trusted, as legitimate websites use clean URL schemes like



September 24, 2020

Its Halloween and therefore definitely a serious type of malware, because it explores our native emotions and sometimes feelings. Just like the technical name itself, Cybercriminals will use techniques to infect our computers, by warning us that if we don't install that fake antivirus, we will get infected. Isn't it strange that some people pay Cybercriminlas money to get infected? Well technically speaking things can get even worse. We should therefore, use the same protective measures we use for most of the other malware, by not downloading un-official software and by keeping our email address private, the same way as we keep our telephone numbers.